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Belize cave-tubing, maya sites zipline kayaking in belize, all in a day, checkout our array

Tourism Auto Transport Ltd.      v.i.v.


meaning "submerged crocodile" this Maya City sits in Belize Northern Lowlands, overlooking the New River Lagoon. The Forest Trails lead to excavated monuments featuring Ball Courts, Mask of gods, High Temples, and Stelas having intricate carvings of warriors, high priest,

we also visit the onsite museum. the museum has on display Artifacts found here at lamanai , eccentric flint tools, jade pieces, incense burners, sacrificial utensils. Walking around onsite tour 3 hours.

Total tour time 6 hours

lunch is included, park fees, round trip transportation

tel: 0115016041105 0115016700764 email: [email protected]