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Tourism Auto Transport Ltd.      v.i.v.

enhanced health and safety protocols

Tourism Auto Transport Ltd. V.i.V. Tours

Best Practices to Reduce Covid-19 Transmission Risk

As tourism resumes in Belize, we at Tourism Auto Transport Ltd understand the Risk of the Covid -19 disease. The main transmission Risk issues with Covid-19 are respiratory (inhaling droplets from another person’s exhalation., especially if the person coughs, sneezes or talks) and transmission through contact (touching an infected surface and then contacting the face / nose).

In this light we have now trained our staff according to CTO, BTB and PADI guidelines on Risk Reduction Procedures and Best Practices aimed at reducing the COVID-19 Transmission Risk based on prevailing medical recommendations. Enhanced cleaning and sanitization are in place. While implementing such protocols and safety precautions are expected to substantially reduce the covid-19 disease transmission risk, employees and guest must accept that, just as when they go anywhere that people are present, some risk remains. Waivers will be a pre-requisite for tour participation.

The safety and health of our staff and guest is top priority.

All our staff, guides and guest will be required to wear a mask at all times; social distance, wash hands and sanitize frequently.

Contactless payments: all bookings are received online and all payments are made thru the banking system. We generate a manifest and plan our seating arrangements accordingly.

Any walk-ins paying cash, the cash will be sanitized.

We have procured thermometers to daily check staff and visitors upon meet and greet. Anyone with a temperature above 100 F and or the thermometer giving a Code Alarm yellow or red alert, the individual will be isolated from all else around and a call will be made to inform the health authorities and proceed with instructions from the health authorities.

A vehicle and driver will be on standby to transport anyone showing symptoms to their hotel, cruise dock or where the Ministry of Health directs them to.

Only healthy staff will be allowed to work, any staff that shows a high temperature will be advised to seek medical attention and advised to contact social security for missed work due to illness compensation. A daily checklist will be maintained to identify who are the staff members working on each day and a manifest of guest names will be maintained. Any and all guest whose temperature reading is above 100 or the Code Alarm Yellow or Red is seen, the guest will not be able to participate on the tour.

Equipment: we have upgraded our equipment and equipped our vans with garbage bins, hand sanitizers, microphones and speakers, the vans and bus seats have been re-upholstered from cloth seats to vinyl- leatherette for easy cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing purposes. Each vehicle will have a Fire extinguisher, First Aid Kit, a supply of extra face mask, face shields, tissue and hand sanitizers. Tip Boxes installed in vehicles so that guest can input the cash into the box, the cash will be sanitized before guides can use it.

Van Cleaning: in the morning before the tour and after the tour ends. the individual van cleaner will wash hands, wear a face mask and latex rubber glove and take out the garbage and sweep the van. Then the individual will spray the seats and rubber flooring with approved disinfectant, mop the seats and floor, then leave the van doors open for the van to “air out” the disinfectant smell. Dispose of the gloves, wash hands.

Helmets and Personal flotation devices: clean, wash, disinfect spray, sun dry, on the work day, disinfect before giving the PFD and helmet to guest. All Helmets are equipped with headlamps and batteries.

Meet and Greet: No Hand Shake, no physical contact, a Smile and a Hand rise with a vocal “hello, welcome to Belize” check temp, check manifest, hand sanitize, yes our staff will miss the goodbye my friends hugs.

Tour Briefings: Since Covid -19 is a respiratory illness, the guide will stand downwind and 6 feet from the nearest person and give the briefing. All guest will wear a face mask and guest will stand 3 to 6 feet apart during the briefing. Hand gestures and signals are encouraged during briefings along with voice to ensure that the message content is heard and adhered to.

Guides and guest will be encouraged to have handy with them tissues for coughing or sneezing and dispose in garbage can, T.A.T. will also have in each van extra masks and tissues.

Site tour: guest will be given bottle water, wash hands, sanitize, guide will have in their back pack, extra gloves, tissue, hand sanitizer and bottle water.

Entering the Van: only the driver opens and closes all doors, the guide sprays hand sanitizer on each guest hands and footwear is sanitized as well prior to entering the vehicle. All onboard wear a face mask.

On Tour in the vehicle: passenger capacity, guide with microphone.

At the Site: exit the van: use restrooms, wash hands, sanitize, the guide hands out bottled water,

The guide wash hands, sanitize, hands out the helmets, jackets, tubes, paddles for kayaking after sanitizing them and the guest are informed NOT to touch each other equipment. Each tube helmet jacket paddle and kayak are numbered to avoid confusion.

In the event that anyone contact each other, immediately wash hands and sanitize.

River swim: guides and guest sanitize hands 60% alcohol, avoid touching the face.

River unresponsive swimmer: the rescuer wash / sanitize hands and face before and after rescue. Use a rescue breathing mask on the victim, but use mouth to mouth techniques ( i.e. pinching nose over rescue breathing mask) and follow the procedures as mentioned in the rescue breathing mask technique).

Disinfect all surfaces regularly. Spray, wipes, door handles, make a surface checklist disinfect with 70% alcohol.

Laptop, phone,

After each tour: Soak the helmets and jackets in cleaning solution, wash, hang out to dry and then sanitize and store.

Contingency Plan: Any guest displaying covid-19 symptoms, a fever or high temperature will be isolated, and the health authorities will be notified. Any employee displaying symptoms and fever will not be allowed to work and will require a medical certification to return to work.

Visitors and staff are notified of the following:

Tourism Auto Transport / V.i.V. Tours have added the following safety features:

· Face masks required for travelers in public areas

· Face masks required for guides in public areas

· Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff

· Social distancing enforced throughout experience

· Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas

· Gear/equipment sanitized between use

· Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized

* Standy by vehicle will be available to transport anyone showing symptoms

· Guides required to regularly wash hands

· Regular temperature checks for staff

· Temperature checks for travelers upon arrival

· Paid stay-at-home policy for staff with symptoms

Covid-19 makes us change how we think and how we do things and there are a lot of details, none of this is particularly difficult as we form some new habits and practices, we take them seriously and adhere to them strictly until COVID-19 is past us.

The Team at Tourism Auto Transport Ltd.

Mask and social distancing requirements

all guest are required to wear a mask while on tour, unless directed by guide instruction as may be exempted whilst on tour.


the staff will take temperature checks and provide all guest with sanitization gel prior to boarding vehicles

equipment sanitization

all PFD's helmets, paddles, kayaks, vehicles are sanitized with SDS6  peroxide daily to mitigate the spread of the virus.

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