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Belize cave-tubing, maya sites zipline kayaking in belize, all in a day, checkout our array

Tourism Auto Transport Ltd.      v.i.v.

Belize it Deals. !!! 4 adventure trips 2 nights

Caracol Pyramids, Big Rock Waterfalls, Cave-explore by tubing or kayaking, Rio Frio Caves, Rio On Pools

Few activities gives the outdoor enthusiast such a varied array of experience as leisurely paddling a kayak thru this cave system, the

serenity and peace of getting lost in the moment, this indescribable feeling that one gets when by sitting onto the kayak, pushing away from the land, dipping your paddle into the water and taking that first stroke, leaving all the cares behind on the banks, float away and be free.

No special skills are needed. Caves Branch River is a Class 1 stream and our kayaks are simple to paddle.

Kayakers can explore this underworld wonder by using a Kayak, kayaking into the underworld seeing a myriad of formations, chambers, stalactites, stalagmites, columns, waterfall and at the EXIT of the cave, continue downstream for another 10 minutes to arrive at the parking lot.

belize kayaking or go belize cavetubing while camping in belize


the site was well integrated into the general southern lowland with full access to exotic trade items such as jadeite and Spondylus shells. Subsequent to the sixth and seventh century wars with Tikal and Naranjo, Caracol expanded its urban domain spatially by means of it

causeway system, and its population increased dramatically. Information in the identity of the people residing outside of the epicenter comes from burial data. There is a wide distribution of tombs throughout the settlement of Caracol. CARACOL still has the the tallest structure in Belize, Caana,"sky palace"

Rio On Pools and Rio Frio Caves

Getting here is only part of the fun! Located within the magnificent Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the Rio On Pools is scenic, with its granite rocks and ledges that form the most aesthetic waterfalls and fresh-water pools.

The river-banks feature the perfect picnic locations with excellent views of the area. Make sure to take your cameras and bathing suits! join us on this camping in belize with Tourism Auto Transport Ltd. , vivtours

Rio Frio Cave

located in the Rainforest, this awesome cave offers the visitor unique formations to see, such as sand stone step formations, sandy beach inside the cave, small waterfalls inside the cave, grandeur vistas of the entrance and exit,

we see all this on this 3 days 2 nights tours, Cavetubing, Caracol, Rio Frio caves, Rio On Pools, Big Rock Falls

3 Days 2 Nights 4 Tours

644 USD per person based on double occupancy, minimum 6 persons going......

includes all park admission fees,

7 meals, ground transportation, 


helmets, headlamps, life vest for caving

4 Guided Tours, Fun, Safe,

Departs Belize City Hotels, Water taxi terminals, municipal airport on Tuesdays to Thursdays, Saturdays to Mondays

tour start time 8:00am.

Returns Mondays with drop off at 4:00 pm. we pickup and drop off from water taxi terminals, Belize city hotels